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Professional Hearing Tests in Oakville


Are you shying away from making calls? Do you have to turn up your TV volume while others complain about it being too loud? If you are suffering from these issues, get your hearing test done in a calm and comforting environment of Lakeshore Paramedical Hearing Services Inc. in Oakville.


Hearing loss can occur at any age and can be gradual or sudden loss depending upon the reason of loss. Our highly experienced staff understands that each person has a unique story and different needs. So, with our cutting-edge technology, we can recommend a suitable hearing aid solution based on the result of your assessment. Once you have chosen the device, we can help you get started with finding funding. We are an approved vendor with ADP, VAC, and WSIB.


Please note that if you are over the age of 55, it is recommended that you get a hearing test every three years to remain proactive regarding your hearing health. Call now to schedule an appointment.

What Is a Hearing Test?

A hearing or an audiometric test is designed to determine your hearing ability within a normal range, as well as to measure the percentage of your hearing frequencies that are affected. It is a 30-minute test aimed to examine your hearing, speech understanding and assessment of your outer, middle, and inner ears.


A complete diagnosis includes:

  • A pure tone hearing test to know the threshold at which you can hear certain sound frequencies.
  • Speech test to detect the level of your speech understanding.
  • The results of the hearing tests are recorded on an audiogram in frequencies and decibels for us to understand whether you need a hearing aid or not.


How Do We Test Your Hearing?

When you visit our centre for hearing evaluation, you will be greeted with warm and friendly smiles who will guide you through various forms and questions regarding your personal information, past medical history and insurance policy, if any.


Our audiologists will then evaluate your medical history and specific environments where you usually encounter hearing discomforts. After that, we may inspect your inner ear and eardrum through an otoscope to check if you have any earwax in the compartment.


With the help of our thorough assessment, we will determine the following:

  • Cause of hearing loss
  • Level and category of hearing loss
  • Appropriate treatment
  • Need for a hearing aid


Benefits of Hearing Test

It is important to have a hearing test done if you feel even a slight discomfort as it can prevent a major issue. Hearing tests have several benefits, as listed below.


  • Better relationship with people: A hearing test eliminates the frustration you undergo if you can’t hear properly during family get-togethers and social activities.
  • Boost confidence: You can regain your lost confidence when you get your hearing back with the help of a hearing aid.
  • Eliminates bigger health risks: Your sudden or gradual hearing loss might be a symptom of some bigger health issue like depression or dementia.



Hearing Aid- The Next Step!

After assessing your hearing test, our audiologist will recommend you purchasing a hearing aid to improve your hearing capabilities. All our hearing aids are custom-made. To start making your device, we take an impression of the ear to create the perfect mould. We can analyze how the hearing aid behaves (computerized analysis) and, if it’s not operating properly, it can be reprogrammed by our experts. Finally, we provide counselling or a review of how your hearing aid should work and how you should look after it. We advise you on how to maximize the potential of your instrument, resulting in the best possible hearing with your device.


If you are experiencing discomfort with your new hearing aid, Lakeshore Paramedical Hearing Services Inc. can make alterations to the shape as best we can or recommend a remake or a repair. We offer a free hearing aid loaner in the interim while you are waiting for repairs or a new order. 

Call today to schedule your hearing test for a one-time fee with no additional charges.


Why Choose Us for Hearing Tests in Oakville?

When it comes to hearing, everyone deserves an edge. As a full-service hearing clinic, Lakeshore Paramedical Hearing Services Inc. offers a variety of hearing aid products and services after assessing the condition of your ear through a professional hearing test. We are a dedicated team of experts who are in the industry for over 38 years and have been successfully serving the residents of Oakville. Our friendly and professional staff understands your unique requirements and welcomes you in with bright shining smiles.


If you encounter any hearing problems, do not hesitate to contact our experts, we will be happy to offer our services.


Frequently Asked Questions

Let us help you by answering a few of the commonly asked questions.


What Kind of assessments are involved in the Hearing Test?

Your assessment starts with a pure tone test in a completely soundproof room where you have to listen to different volumes and pitches. It’s followed by a speech test where you have to repeat the words you listen to. Test results are recorded on an audiogram, which identifies where your hearing loss occurs.


What Should I Take with Me for an Appointment?

Kindly bring all your past medical history and the medications you take. It is advised you note a list of the places you encounter discomfort in hearing along with the questions you might want to ask.


Is My Hearing Loss Permanent?

Your hearing loss can be classified among one of the following:

  • Conductive: It can be due to blockage or infection that can prevent sound from travelling to the inner ear. It is a temporary hearing loss.
  • Sensorineural: It involves nerve damage leading to permanent hearing loss.
  • Mixed: It is a combination of the other two which can be permanent hearing loss.

If you still have questions, feel free to send us your detailed query and we will reply as soon as possible.

A Better Hearing Experience

Get your ears tested and regain your confidence back in our expert guidance.

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