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Wireless, Bluetooth, and Rechargeable Hearing Aids in Oakville


Do you often ask people to repeat what they said? Does your hearing loss make you less confident communicating with others? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. At Lakeshore Paramedical Hearing Services Inc., our mission is to provide to you with the satisfaction and confidence of hearing clearly.  We offer wireless, Bluetooth, and rechargeable hearing aids in Oakville and the surrounding communities to amplify your hearing experience. If you are experiencing any signs of hearing loss, our team will perform a hearing check to assess your situation. Once we have identified your problem, we will offer a number of services to help you address your issues, including hearing aid assessment, counselling for tinnitus, custom fittings and much more.

Find the Right Hearing Aid in Oakville

We know that the marketplace for hearing aids and other products can be confusing and fraught with poor-quality devices. How do you choose the right one for you? We genuinely care about delivering a superior product to our customers and only offer the finest in custom hearing aids, ear protectors, ear plugs and other accessories for Oakville residents.


Hearing aids come in different styles and sizes. Learn about the benefits of each hearing aid to determine which one is right for you.


Invisible-In-the-Canal (IIC)

  • Suitable for people with mild to moderate hearing loss looking for discreet hearing solutions.
  • It is invisible from the outside as it sits deep within the ear canal and can be controlled manually to insert and remove the battery that the hearing aid requires.


Completely-In-the-Canal (CIC)

  • Sleek and subtle in appearance.
  • Moulded in the contours of your ear for a superior fit that provides a natural look and excellent hearing experience.
  • Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss patients.


In-The-Canal (ITC)

  • Excellent choice for mild to moderately severe hearing loss.
  • Glasses-friendly fit and discrete external controls, perfect fit to suit modern lifestyle.


In-The-Ear (ITE) Hearing Aids

  • Fills the concha of the ear.
  • Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss and can be used in everyday life.


Receiver-In-Canal (RIC)

  • Reliable, convenient and lightweight rechargeable hearing aid.
  • A petal-shaped shell rests in shadow at the top of your ear and has an invisible sound tube for discreet hearing.


Receiver-In-Ear (RIE)

  • Appropriate for mild to moderate hearing loss.
  • The device fits discreetly behind the ear transmitting sound through a thin tube.
  • Available in normal and mini sizes.


Behind the ear (BTE)

  • Available in both thin tube and hook solutions.
  • Fully wireless hearing aid.
  • Helps you control with customizable fit options, wireless connectivity, and easy volume control.


Rechargeable Hearing Aids in Oakville

Rechargeable hearing aids are devices with built-in batteries that provide long-lasting performance over a single charge. It can be easily recharged using any electrical outlet eliminating the need to carry spare batteries wherever you go.


There are certain advantages of using rechargeable hearing aids, including:

  • Longer shelf life and can last up to 5 years before they need a replacement.
  • Easier to handle for the people who have dexterity issues or those who don’t want to worry about constantly buying and changing batteries.


If you don’t want your hearing aid battery to die in the middle of an important conversation, visit us to purchase rechargeable hearing aids in Oakville today.



Wireless Hearing Aids in Oakville

Wireless hearing aids can be connected to smartphones for hands-free calling, connected to the TV for personalized and discreet volume control, or can even be connected to a streaming sound at a concert or lecture. The goal of wireless hearing aids is to allow you to focus on the conversation effortlessly. They can relay information about the sound in the environment and adjust to your settings.

Understand communication more effectively and automatically in a busy environment by investing in this latest technology. Visit us to get your hands on wireless hearing aids in Oakville.



Bluetooth Hearing Aids in Oakville

These are smartphone-compatible hearing devices. Bluetooth technology has greatly elevated the hearing aid wearing experience and enabled hearing aids to double as highly personalized, custom audio devices. It allows the user to directly accept or reject the calls from their Bluetooth hearing aid without the need for removal of the device or even if the smartphone is not available in the room. For more information about Bluetooth hearing aids in Oakville, please get in touch with us.

Brands We Trust

We are committed to stocking brand-name products that provide maximum choices and comfort—all at an affordable price. They are the most popular worldwide brands because they work—plain and simple. We invite you to discuss your brand choices with our qualified and knowledgeable technicians. Our brands include:


Our Hearing Services 

We provide a variety of superior hearing-related services, including:

  • Hearing tests (audiological assessments)

  • Hearing aid fittings, sales, service and repairs

  • Professional custom fitting

  • Programming digital hearing aids

  • Computerized programming and servicing (Bluetooth, digital hearing aids, amplifier phones, signaling devices, remote controls)

  • Custom ear moulds

  • Complimentary hearing tests

  • Counselling

  • Complimentary home visits for seniors

Our Hearing Products

We stock a number of helpful products:

  • Ear protectors

  • Accessories

  • Batteries by mail

  • Hearing aids (all makes and models)

  • Swim plugs

  • Noise plugs

Call Lakeshore Paramedical Hearing Services Inc. today to schedule your assessment.

Our Approach

Lakeshore Paramedical Hearing Services Inc. is dedicated to providing an effortless experience to people who suffer from hearing loss. Our team works tirelessly in guiding you to choose the best-in-class product that is suitable for your needs and requirements.


We follow a personalized approach in guiding each customer:

  • Thorough consultation: A member of our team will speak with you to learn about your unique requirements and advise on the right hearing product or service for you.
  • Professional counselling: We will test your ear and provide a demo of the recommended hearing aid.


Feel free to call or reach out to us over email for more detailed information. We will be happy to help you with all the details you need about Bluetooth, wireless, and rechargeable hearing aids in Oakville.

Speak to Our Team

Come visit our clinic for your hearing test. We will help you regain your hearing power with our wireless, Bluetooth, and rechargeable hearing aids in Oakville.


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